Winter Chills.....

Posted on 22 June 2016

The Queensland winter is an odd starts out a bit nippy in the morning and once the sun is shining in alls its Queensland abundance, it is bloody hot!!
So the question one Scottish girl poses to the Queensland contingent is what to wear on these so called "winter days?"
There seems to me, to be a gap in the design market where fashion giants forget that Australia is one heck of a big place - the weather varies from one state to another just as it does between Greece and Sweden!! Designers and manufacturers need to remember that while Tassie might see snow in July, it is quite possible that Townsville is basking in 26 degree sun and hairdryer humidity....we need stock for our stores that covers all bases and all year round.......and now for my sales pitch....that is the aim of The Gypsy and The Officer!!
In the meantime, and as we eagerly await our new designs being launched, we think we have picked the best of the rest for an Aussie Winter's Day.


A good pair of Vintage boots are my first Winter Wardrobe essential.....classic, on trend and a good investment. 
Frye boots are my personal favourite....
Second item is the lightweight long sleeved maxi - not too much skin exposure and still an elegant way to keep warm without jeans and a jumper. Just layer it with a denim jacket or long vest for a bit more warmth.



Third on my list is a lightweight knit - loose and comfortable and perfect to throw on over tights or jeans for a smart casual look. Just remember to wear pants with it!!!

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